Fredette loses some BYU frontcourt support


A chink was just exposed in BYU’s armor. A really, really small one.

But at this point, opponents will take anything that’ll slow down Jimmer Fredette & Co.

Cougars coach Dave Rose announced Monday after practice that sophomore forward Chris Collinsworth would miss the rest of the season due to micro-fracture knee surgery. Collinsworth’s missed half of BYU’s games thus far (including the last three) and was averaging 5.9 points and 5.6 rebounds a game.

It’d be a bigger deal if it was his younger brother, Kyle – Kyle’s a less efficient scorer, but is on the court three times as much – were out, but Chris will be a loss.

“The biggest concern right now with our group, and what we are trying to do, is to just try to find quality minutes for some of our bench players against certain matchups. And that’s kind of how it will go the rest of the year,” Rose told the Salt Lake Tribune. “We have got eight really solid guys, and hopefully we can stretch that to nine or 10. But we are prepared for every matchup that we see.”

Less frontcourt support? You know what that means – more shots for Fredette! The last three games (all of which Chris missed), he went for 39, 22 and 47.

Hmm. Maybe it’s not a chink in the armor.

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