When blowouts are actually impressive


If there’s no consensus on what constitutes a “good win,” then perhaps it’s foolish to judge which teams have performed well based a number of blowout victories.

Or maybe not. Dan Hanner has a formula.

He ran a comparison of how teams performed vs. quality opponents and how they did against inferior opponents over at Yet Another Basketball Blog. (In this case, “quality” means a team ranked in kenpom.com Top 100. “Non-quality” are teams below the Top 100.) And it’s all about the efficiency margin in those games.

(Dan does note a disclaimer: Some teams use their benches differently in blowouts, i.e., they sub in bench players far more frequently than others. And the sample size if fairly small at this point.)

That’s good news for Ohio State and Missouri, both of which have turned in impressive games against quality foes. Meanwhile, Kansas and Duke haven’t been as crisp against good opponents. Purdue, Notre Dame and Texas A&M play the same against everyone.

For teams not in the Top 25, keep an eye n Boston College, Butler and St. John’s. All three have been excellent against good teams.

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