No. 1 pick in NBA is wide open


Warning: If you’re the type who hates early NCAA tournament bracket projections (don’t click here!), then you might hate this post even more.

No one knows who’ll be the No. 1 pick in the 2011 NBA draft.

That’s from an ESPN Insider story by Chad Ford, who covered a variety of topics, but opened with the one everyone usually wants to know. Who’s the one.

The answer for now focuses on four guys: Baylor’s Perry Jones, North Carolina’s Harrison Barnes, Duke’s Kyrie Irving and Kentucky’s Enes Kanter. Irving’s hurt, Barnes has been a letdown, Jones is inconsistent and Kanter hasn’t played a game. Tough to hype any one guy with those kinds of issues.

Ford’s take? Jones will eventually be the guy because of his upside. I think it’ll be Irving, provided his toe isn’t an issue. The NBA’s all about the PGs. And Irving’s the best one out there.

There. That’ll provide months of (somewhat) useless speculation until June.

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