Foolish voters! You’ve played right into Mick Cronin’s plan!


Cincinnati’s 14-0, but ranked 24th in the AP poll and 25th in the coaches’ poll. Time to bring out the “no respect” quotes.

“We’re still not ranked where we should be,” Mick Cronin told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “We should be 25th behind teams with three losses? We still get no respect and our guys are pretty aware of that. … I’m going to use that lack of respect. We’re ranked but we’re still not ranked where we probably deserve to be ranked considering the losses that some other people have had ahead of us. I’ll keep playing that card as long as I can with the team.”

Cincinnati’s non-conference schedule rated as the fifth easiest in D-I, according to RealtimeRPI has it as the 19th easiest. So maybe there’s a little something to that.

Then again, Cronin’s players feel the same way. And if they’re buying into the whole “it’s us against the world” thing, I’d say use it.

“Coach Cronin likes to throw that at us, that nobody believes in us, that we’ve just got to be a team and believe in ourselves and everything else will take care of itself,” sophomore guard Cashmere Wright told the paper. “We’re going to show all the non-believers that we’re a real good team.”

Hey, it works for the Jets.

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