What’s ailing would-be contenders?


Free-throw shooting is killing Kansas State. The Wildcats brick ‘em against Florida (11 of 19), just like they have all season . They make just 55.1 percent of their free throws; only four D-I teams are worse.

That’s not the only thing wrong with Frank Martin’s team (they’re committing too many turnovers and once again hack foes waaaaay to often), but it’s their clearest flaw.

But what about other would-be contenders? What’s ailing them at this point?

Dan Hanner ID’d various fatal flaws for teams and highlighted the results. The ones that caught my eye?

  • Baylor and Florida State can’t control the ball – their opponents post a 12 percent steal rate.   
  • Kentucky doesn’t share the ball.
  • UConn’s underclassmen “cavalcade” makes it among the youngest ranked teams.
  • West Virginia’s defensivee rebounding stinks. Foes grab 35.5 percent of their misses. (Yet the Mountaineers haul in 42.2 percent of their offensive misses. It’s all or nothing, folks.)

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