The days of Fennis Dembo are long gone


Until New Mexico and BYU each won an NCAA tournament game last spring, only three Mountain West teams had done so this decade: UNLV (’08, ’07), Utah (’03 and ’05) and Wyoming (’02).

Yes, Wyoming. But judging by the recent state of the Cowboys men’s team, you’d never know it.

Since that 73-66 first-round win against Gonzaga, Wyoming’s 123-133 overall. If not for Colorado State, the Pokes would consistently be dragging the bottom of the MWC, but considering UW’s hoops history – an NCAA title, 16 conference titles and 14 appearances in the Big Dance – the recent mediocrity galls the Cowboys faithful.

How bad is it? Put it this way: If you’re a mid-major team seeking an upset, schedule the Cowboys. They’re a sure thing, even if Denver couldn’t get it done Tuesday.

In the last six seasons, Wyoming has suffered 25 Red Line Upsets (click here for the definition) than any other team in D-I. That’s the most in D-I.

Things are bad in Laramie. They could get worse Friday if – gasp! – D-II Western State wins at the AA.


This Wyoming native is wishing for a few more of these. Or anything close. Right now, a reliable point guard would be nice.

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