Louisville’s weekend was better than yours


Consider what Louisville did the last three days.

Not too shabby. Guess we can forget about this being a rebuilding season, right Rick? Louisville’s coach said as much after the UNLV win, but it’s starting to sink in that these Cardinals can play. They’re not perfect – their outside shooting is suspect and they’re a little soft on the boards – but they’ll certainly be worth watching during this season’s Big East race.

Then there’s Purvis.

The 6-3 North Carolina product has earned comparisons to John Wall, but that’s mostly because of his size and that he hails from Raleigh. He’s not Wall, but he’s also a potent point guard who’s excited about suiting up for the Cardinals.

So let’s see. The 2010-11 season’s turning out to be OK, 2011-12 will welcome a loaded freshman class and Purvis arrives in 2012-13. Forget the last three days. The next three springs could be even better for Louisville.

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