This is all too familiar for Michigan State


Down on Michigan State? That’s understandable.

The Spartans began the season No. 2 in the polls (guilty), but have been mildly disappointing through nine games. An optimist would say that their three losses have come to UConn, Duke and Syracuse, none of which have lost yet.

But 6-3 isn’t what fans expected. (Or us media/blogger types. But let’s focus on who’s hurting the most, shall we?))

Except … this kind of thing has happened to Tom Izzo’s team before. And by before, I mean every season. KJ at The Only Colors has the details in this excellent post, though it’s best summed up through this table.

AP Rank
Top 50
Top 100
Big Ten
NCAA Result
2002-03 #9 1-2 2-3 10-6 #7 Elite Eight
2003-04 #3 0-5 2-5 12-4 #7 1st Round
2004-05 #13 0-2 2-2 13-3 #5 Final Four
2005-06 #4 3-1 4-1 8-8 #6 1st Round
2006-07 1-2 3-2 8-8 #9 2nd Round
2007-08 #8 3-1 5-1 12-6 #5 Sweet 16
2008-09 #6 2-1 2-2 15-3 #2 Runner Up
2009-10 #2 0-2 2-3 14-4 #5 Final Four
2010-11 #2 1-3 2-3 ?? ?? ??


The Spartans are old hat at this. Still, it’s not easy on the fans, who are right to worry about several factors. Per KJ, those are:

  • Turnovers
  • Offensive cohesion
  • Disappointing play from the frontcourt

Is there an upside to all of this? Yes, but much of it depends on Kalin Lucas’ health and finding reliable bench production from Keith Appling, Garrick Sherman, Derrick Nix and/or Adreian Payne.

Also, there’s the notion that Izzo’s team always find a way to perform come March.

But, just once, I’d like see what happens when an Izzo team plays like a Top 5 team from the start of the season. Guess I need a time machine for that.

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