Jeronne Maymon better be a good bowler by now


Jeronne Maymon transferred out of Marquette last year because he and his father believed he wasn’t getting enough playing time behind the front court of Lazar Hayward and Jimmy Butler.

He transferred to Tennessee, where he is currently waiting on a grade to come through so he can get eligible to play.

What class is it in?:

All that stands between former Madison Memorial star Jeronne Maymon and joining the active men’s basketball roster at Tennessee is a final grade in a bowling class that ended in October.

You read that right.

Jeronne Maymon is not yet eligible at Tennessee because he hasn’t gotten a grade in a bowling class.

This story has branched its way out through the blogosphere over the last 12 hours or so, and I’m sure you will see quite a few posts and articles — especially from outlets and blogs that cover Tennessee and Marquette’s rivals — but make sure you are completely informed about the situation.

Bowling was far from the only class that Maymon was taking. He was also enrolled in two psychology classes, a communications class, and a musicology class. Those grades are in.

The bowling grade is not.

So while we can sit here and laugh because Maymon is waiting to suit up for Tennessee because he wanted to be more like the Jesus.

But can we all refrain on the “Maymon is a moron” comments?

Every school in the has an option to take a class like bowling. Hell, I would have taken it if it was offered at my school. Instead, I got credit for a weightlifting class as a collegiate athlete.