Fredette’s hometown return all the rage in upstate N.Y.


When is a BYU-Vermont game in upstate New York a home game for BYU? When Jimmer Fredette returns to Glens Falls.

The senior guard was a local legend when he left for college in 2007. He set scoring records (more than 2,400 points), made all-state teams and essentially established himself as the community’s biggest star. Ever.

Now that the local star’s turned into a national star – he’s a preseason All-American, a national Player of the Year candidate and almost single-handedly ensured BYU snapped an NCAA tournament victory drought – everyone in Glens Falls and the surrounding area wants to see him play. It’ll be standing room only at Glens Falls Civic Center, where a crowd of 6,300 is expected.

The rest of the town’s 14,500 residents will be watching on TV.

“It’s a great day to be part of Glens Falls nation,” Chip Corlew, AD at the high school told the Deseret News. “We all saw him in high school, and he was such a great player. We’ve all seen him now. But to have him in our own backyard and our own city and the Civic Center, it’s just an unbelievable opportunity for our community. It’s hard for me to even put it in words.”

You can read more about how excited Glens Falls is about Fredette’s return here, here and here, or just take a peek at this special section produced by the local paper. Eight pages of nothing but well wishes? They love this guy.

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