Coaches 'Shoot From The Heart'

0 Comments will be hosting a free throw shooting tournament throughout the course of the season called “Shots From The Heart“.

It will be held in honor of the late Skip Prosser to raise awareness of heart disease, an issue that cost Prosser his life.

The way it works is that 64 coaches from around the country have been put into a bracket — seen here
(pdf) — and once a month will shoot 25 free throws with an assistant
coach present to keep score. The first 20 are worth one point, the next
four are with two points, and the final free throw is worth three.

Skip Prosser’s son, Mark, will be participating in a similar event held for assistants.

early favorite has to be Arizona’s Sean Miller. He shot 88.5% from the
foul line during his collegiate career and he has destiny on his side
— like Prosser, he launched his career at Xavier.

Jeff Capel of
Oklahoma, Fred Hoiberg of Iowa State, Cameron Dollar of Seattle, and
Steve Alford of Indiana are some of the other former players

The best matchup of the first round?

Bill Self of Kansas taking on Ben Jacobson of Northern Iowa. Those guys … they have a sick sense of humor.

(h/t The Dagger via CBN)

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