What killed the Big12/Pac-10 Hardwood Series?

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The Big 12/Pc-10 Hardwood Series will be no more after this season. You’re forgiven if you forgot the series even existed.

The official release states that Big 12 coaches and administrators “desire to continue a series and will continue pursuing options to schedule strong non-conference opponents, which could include alliances or agreements with other major conferences.”

But I’d blame two other factors:

First, Colorado switched the Pac-10. That couldn’t have helped the Big 12’s self esteem or desirte to do business with the Pac-10, even if the Buffs stink at hoops.

Second, the event never caught on. It doesn’t take place over two or three days like the ACC/Big Ten Challenge – this year’s Big 12/Pac-10 “event” runs from Nov. 27-Dec. 21 this season – which is a killer for media buzz and fan interest.

Who’s gonna keep track of all that when it’s just a series of random games?

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