2008 title game just got a little more shady


For those keeping track, we’re up to three players who played in the 2008 NCAA tournament title game under questionable circumstances: Derrick Rose, Darrell Arthur and now Brandon Rush.

A report by Yahoo! Sports indicates Rush participated in a pre-NBA draft workout in the summer of 2007 that was conducted by the New York Knicks. Rush tore a knee ligament and eventually withdrew from the draft. He told Kansas that he injured the knee in a pickup hoops game, so there was never an investigation, just rehab for his knee.

“He told us that was inaccurate and that it happened the day prior, while he was in North Carolina,” KU coach B ill Self told Yahoo!. “We heard about the workouts in Atlanta, and we asked Brandon if he had worked out there and he said, ‘No,’ that he was injured when he got there.”

His participation in the workout wouldn’t have been an automatic NCAA violation (Mike DeCourcy says how Rush got to the workout in Atlanta would’ve been the issue), but it’s just another to add to that game.

Rose’s fraudulent SAT score eventually forced Memphis to vacate its entire 2007-08 season. Darrell Arthur’s high school grades were questioned, but eventually ruled legitimate by the Dallas Independent School District, saving Kansas any kind of NCAA punishment.

At this rate, they’ll be strange news surrounding all 10 starters by 2018.

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