Just once, how about Gus calling the Final Four?


The “Free Enes” movement is spreading rapidly through Big Blue Nation, but here’s an idea that the entire college hoops community can embrace: Gus Johnson calling the Final Four.

The game’s most enthusiastic play-by-play man is a March staple – this remix of his greatest calls is fabulous — spoke to Dime TV recently about a variety of topics, including which game he would’ve liked to call, but didn’t.

He had an easy answer.

“I would have loved to have had a chance to call the Final Four last year,” Johnson said. “The championship game, when Gordon Hayward almost hit that three-quarters court shot and he hit it off the back rim, that’s something I would have loved to have called.”

Me too, Gus. Me too. Not that there’s anything wrong with Jim Nantz. He sets an even, measured tone for the national title game, which is probably a good thing.

But just once it’d be nice to hear Gus scream on Monday night in early April.

(H/T: Rush the Court)

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