Now you can watch Butler's strange kids story


If you don’t follow Da’Sean Butler on Twitter, you may have missed his strange children’s story (delivered, of course, in a series of 140-character bits). The gist? A 22-year-old boy named Da’Sean befriends a purple dinosaur named Barney, who leaves a giant pile of doo on the kitchen table.

Yes, it’s an instant classic.

Da’Sean and Barney have a great time until that ill-fated poo, which results in a trip to Game Stop, Da’Sean guzzling half a dozen root beers and eventually cleaning up the poo. Think I’m making it up? You can read the complete version here, or watch the video below.

Either way, I think Butler’s got a future. Playing hoops.

(H/T: Searching for Billy Edelin)

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