Majok's future may not include UConn after all


It was just last month when Ater Majok said he couldn’t envision a scenario where he would leave Connecticut early. Guess he finally developed an imagination.

The 6-10 forward – who turned 23 last month but has played just 26 games since his April 2008 commitment – told the Hartford Courant that he’ll probably head back to Australia and start playing professionally.

“We’re talking to Ater about his future, yeah,” UConn coach Jim Calhoun told Mike Anthony. “That’s all I can say. He hasn’t made any decision yet, but he could certainly go back and play in the Australian professional league. Nothing’s been determined yet, but there’s a chance that kind of thing could happen.”

When it comes to Majok, anything can and will happen. After he committed, it took until January 2009 to gain him school and practice clearance. He didn’t play until December of 2009 because of NCAA eligibility questions.

As Matt Norlander writes, perhaps Majok’s ordeal could coin a new term:

From here on out, whenever a school goes through an extensive, tedious, elongated process to enroll an over-21-years-old player, only to see said player leave after a year. That could be referred to as being Majok’d.

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