'Blackmail Ale' a tasty summation of Sypher trial


Karen Cunagin Sypher’s extortion trial abounded in ridiculousness and press coverage. But none of the coverage summed up that ridiculousness better than a homemade beer.

Yes, a beer.

“Blackmail Ale” claimed a blue ribbon at the Kentucky State Fair, impressing the judges with its well-crafted … message. From the Louisville Courier Journal:

“Blackmail Ale, 7 Years Old,” the label reads. “A bitter brew available only at your local Italian eatery. 0% Dignity by Volume.”

Louisville brewer Greg Rosenberger – who won the Humor/Satirical category – said he simply sat down one afternoon, culled all the coverage and worked on the label. And he capped it was an equally tasty warning:

“Consuming this beverage may lead to incarceration in the United States federal prison system.”

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