Doc, like I've told you before …


Billy Gillispie’s been trying to get back into college hoops for months. The ex-Kentucky coach didn’t do himself any favors with his alcohol troubles, but his friends and coaching peers know his coaching acumen – particularly on defense – would be a benefit.

Among them? Nebraska coach Doc Sadler.

And it just so happens Sadler could use a defensive guru to bolster his team’s transition to the Big Ten next season. Except that guru won’t be Gillispie. From

During a routine call Saturday to check in with the Nebraska men’s basketball coach, I asked about the fourth iteration of the rumor — joining the ones from April, May and June — that former Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie is joining the Husker staff as an assistant.

“Like I told you before,” Sadler said, “I’ve tried to hire Billy, but it ain’t going to happen.”

Word is Gillispie wants to be a head coach (he wanted the UTEP job), not an assistant. That’s admirable, I suppose. If he doesn’t need the dough, then he can return to the sport on his own terms. Or at least when he wears everyone else down.

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