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Announcers, tip times for Saturday’s NCAA Tournament games

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Below is the schedule of games for Saturday’s NCAA tournament Round of 32, including announcers, tip times and networks. The second game at a particular site will begin approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the first game. All times listed are Eastern.

Friday’s NCAA tournament schedule and announcer pairings can be found here.

Louisville, Kentucky 
Announcers: Verne Lundquist, Jim Spanarkel and Allie LaForce
Network: CBS
12:15 p.m. (South Region): No. 11 UCLA vs. No. 14 UAB
Game 2 (Midwest Region): No. 1 Kentucky vs. No. 8 Cincinnati

Portland, Oregon
Announcers: Kevin Harlan, Dan Bonner, Reggie Miller and Rachel Nichols
Network: CBS
5:15 p.m.(West Region): No. 2 Arizona vs. No. 10 Ohio State
Game 2 (South Region): No. 4 Georgetown vs. No. 5 Utah

Jacksonville, Florida
Announcers: Andrew Catalon, Steve Lappas and Jamie Erdahl
Network: TNT
6:10 p.m. (West Region): No. 6 Xavier vs. No. 14 Georgia State
Game 2 (West Region): No. 4 North Carolina vs. No. 5 Arkansas

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Announcers: Brian Anderson, Steve Smith and Dana Jacobson
Network: TBS
7:10 p.m. (East Region): No. 1 Villanova vs. No. 8 NC State
Game 2 (Midwest Region): No. 3 Notre Dame vs. No. 6 Butler

NCAA announces schedule for Saturday’s national semifinals

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With the field for the 2014 Final Four now set, the NCAA announced the schedule for Saturday’s national semifinals.

Saturday, April 5

National Semifinals (AT&T Staduim, Arlington, Texas)
Announcers: Jim Nantz, Greg Anthony, Steve Kerr and Tracy Wolfson

6:09 p.m. EST: No. 1 Florida vs. No. 7 UConn (TBS)

Approx. 8:49 p.m. EST: No. 2 Wisconsin vs. No. 8 Kentucky (TBS)

Saturday’s NCAA tournament TV schedule, announcer pairings

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Below are the game times and announcer assignments for Saturday’s Round of 32 matchups.

South Region (Orlando, Fla.) 
Announcers: Brian Anderson, Dan Bonner and Kristine Leahy

12:15 p.m. EST No. 9 Pittsburgh vs. No. 1 Florida (CBS)

Midwest Region (Orlando, Fla.)
Announcers: Anderson, Bonner and Leahy 

Approx. 2:45 p.m. EST No. 5 Saint Louis vs. No. 4 Louisville (CBS)

Midwest Region (Milwaukee, Wis.) 
Announcers: Ian Eagle, Jim Spanarkel and Lewis Johnson

5:15 p.m. EST No. 7 Texas vs. No. 2 Michigan (CBS)

West Region (Spokane, Wash.)
Announcers: Spero Dedes, Doug Gottlieb and Jaime Maggio

6:10 p.m. EST No. 12 North Dakota State vs. No. 4 San Diego State (TNT)

South Region (Buffalo, N.Y.) 
Announcers, Verne Lundquist, Bill Raftery and Allie LaForce

7:10 p.m. EST No. 11 Dayton vs. No. 3 Syracuse (TBS)

West Region (Milwaukee, Wis.)
Announcers: Eagle, Spanarkel and Johnson

Approx. 7:45 p.m. EST No. 7 Oregon vs. No. 2 Wisconsin (CBS)

East Region (Spokane, Wash.) 
Announcers: Dedes, Gottlieb and Maggio

Approx. 8:40 p.m. EST No. 12 Harvard vs. No. 4 Michigan State (TNT)

East Region (Buffalo, N.Y.) 
Announcers: Lundquist, Raftery and LaForce

Approx. 9: 40 p.m. EST No. 7 UConn vs. No. 2 Villanova (TBS)