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Syracuse v Maryland

Jay Bilas talks expectations with Kentucky (VIDEO)

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Jay Bilas is one of the smartest men in basketball. He’s in the Bahamas providing color commentary for Kentucky’s televised scrimmages, and he’s done a fantastic job doing so.

Coach Cal brought Bilas in to speak with his team on Wednesday, their day off, and recorded what he had to say to them. The most interesting passage is as follows:

“You are going to be talked about as much, if not more than any team in the country,” Bilas said. “And arguably, any team over the last 20 years. As your season goes along, there are going to be people like me in my job, at the start of the year, we’re going to talk about how good you can be. Then, we’re going to talk about how good you are. Then, people are going to get bored with that. We’re going to start talking about what are their weaknesses. Instead of talking about what you’re really good at, they’re going to start hammering at little things, make you see a crack. It may exist, it may not. But they’ll talk about that.”

He’s exactly right. If all goes according to plan, this is how Kentucky’s season is going to play out:

  • The young Wildcats will get challenged and tested during November and December, losing a game or two to someone like Louisville or Texas or Kansas.
  • They’ll hit their stride during SEC play when, believe it or not, their schedule gets a bit easier and their play starts peaking as guys figure out their roles and Calipari figures out his rotation.
  • Like in 2012, they will head into March as the best team in the country and the favorite to win the national title.

At that point, what will happen is that the talking point will shift. Instead of talking about how good this team can be, everyone will eventually begin to talk about whether or not Kentucky can be beaten and how it can be done.

So if, heading into the NCAA tournament, Kentucky is 32-2, don’t be surprised to se multiple columns here discussing how Kentucky’s weaknesses, whatever they are, can be exploited.

Because that’s the way it works when you’re the favorite to win.

Jay Bilas finally meets rapper Young Jeezy (VIDEO)

Jay Bilas

If you follow college basketball analyst Jay Bilas on Twitter, you’ve probably seen him begin each morning with a tweet or two that ends with the trademark phrase, “I gotta go to work.”

That trademark phrase comes from Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy, who Bilas has often shouted out on the air and called an urban philosopher.

Jeezy, who has two platinum albums and two gold albums among his six studio releases, also returned the favor by shouting out Bilas on the remix to E-40’s “Function” by saying, “we goin’ to work like Jay Bilas.”

So, as you can see, Bilas and Jeezy have a mutual respect, but the two titans of their respective industries had never actually met in-person until a recent video feature with Vibe.

Bilas starts off in the video by reciting a Jeezy line into the microphone — which is a fantastic start to the clip — and soon Jeezy appears to back him up and give the commentator some help.

From there, Bilas and Jeezy sit down together and Bilas discusses how his admiration of the rapper became public. After finding out that former Michigan State forward Draymond Green was listening to Jeezy on his headphones before a game that Bilas was calling, former ESPN colleague and current North Carolina assistant coach Hubert Davis asked Bilas if he had any idea who Jeezy was.

Because he evidently keeps his ear to the streets, Bilas was already familiar and a fan of Jeezy and Davis and Bilas mentioned the exchange on the air that day. The rest is history.

Soon, Bilas was called out by a fan for not being an actual Jeezy fan and Bilas began dropping verses on Twitter, before finally ending with the now trademark finale of, “I gotta go to work.”

It’s now become a morning routine for Bilas and he also shouted out Jeezy in a recent commencement speech at Queens University in Charlotte.

Hopefully these new friends can get together in the studio and cut a track soon.

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Jay Bilas gives a hilarious commencement speech (VIDEO)

Syracuse v Maryland
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Jay Bilas gave the commencement speech at Queens University in Charlotte over the weekend. It took 45 seconds for ESPN’s most popular color analyst to reference the Urban Philosopher Young Jeezy.

(h/t Sporting News)