7-foot-4 Florida State commit makes Jameis Winston look tiny (PHOTO)

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The guy on the left here is Jean Marc “Christ” Koumajde, a 7-foot-4 high school senior that is currently committed to Florida State.

Koumajde is a fairly promising prospect. He needs to add weight and he needs to get a lot stronger, but he’s fairly mobile and coordinated, which makes him tantalizing given the fact that, you know, he’s 7-foot-4.

Just how tall is someone that’s 7-foot-4?

Well, the little guy on the right in the picture below isn’t exactly little: it’s 6-foot-4 Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston:

Via @FlaStateGameday

Florida State guard Aaron Thomas uses Jameis Winston for alley-oop during dunk contest (VIDEO)

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Using props and guests has become the norm during dunk contests and the college game is no exception.

Florida State sophomore guard Aaron Thomas used this tactic to his advantage during the Seminoles’ Midnight Madness celebration by incorporating Heisman candidate and wildly popular Seminole starting quarterback Jameis Winston into his dunk during the dunk contest.

Winston was a judge during the contest and had offensive lineman Cameron Erving snap him a football to oop to Thomas from halfcourt.

The video from Florida State’s Rivals’ site shows the oop in action.

Winston — and the other judges — gave the dunk a 10 and Thomas went on to win the dunk contest.

I know that dunk contests are meant to be fun, but since when were footballs and judges allowed to participate in dunk contests? Where is the dunk contest integrity at Florida State?

All jokes aside, Thomas will have to improve his perimeter shooting this season as he shot 22 percent from three-point range as a freshman. Thomas did start the final 11 games of last season and could be a key piece for the Seminoles this season.