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Trust me, you want to watch Eastern Kentucky’s Marcus Lewis in a dunk contest (VIDEO)

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When we released our list of top dunker back in September, No. 5 on our list was Marcus Lewis, a high-flyer from Eastern Kentucky.

On Wednesday night, the Colonels held their Hoopfest which just so happened to include a dunk contest, and Lewis certainly didn’t disappoint. Fast forward to the :20 second mark for his first dunk, the 1:00 dunk for his second dunk and the 2:00 mark for his third dunk.

The first one is my favorite, and it’s all the more impressive when you see the second angle:

I mean, look at where he brings the ball down to:

Photo Courtesy of the Richmond Register

He dunked that!!!

And if you had any doubts about Lewis’ athleticism, his final dunk put them to rest:


Best dunks of the last decade? Don’t mind if I do (VIDEO)

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Derrick Rodgers, Terrence Jones
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Yesterday, CBT’s blog-buddy CJ Moore put together a list of the top ten dunks of the last decade, and as a longtime lover of a good posterization, I have to put up a link to it.

It’s well worth your time.

But it’s nowhere near the be-all, end-all for great dunks of the last decade.

Since I know you have nothing better to do with your Tuesday (admit it, you don’t), here are a few more posterizations worthy of watching:

Perhaps the most famous facial of all-time, Hakim Warrick over Royal Ivey in the Final Four in 2003:

I mean, c’mon:


And along those same lines, check out this Michael Kidd-Gilchrist dunk against Portland back in 2011:


The biggest miss that CJ had, in my opinion, was this soaring dunk from Jared Cunningham. The call from the announcer takes it to another level:

Travis Leslie couldn’t do much more than dunk during his time at Georgia, but boy could he dunk. DeMarcus Cousins found that out the hard way:

Gerard Anderson of Cal St-Fullerton is one of the best dunkers I’ve ever seen, but he got caught on the wrong end of a poster by Jeff Teague of Wake Forest:

I love little guys dunking over big guys, so I present to you Shay Shine of High Point …

… and Will Bynum (not that Will Bynum) of Montana State:

Big guys can dunk over little guys, too, and it’s still just as awesome. Ain’t that right, Charles Garcia?:

Marques Blakely’s dunk against Albany in the America East final back in 2007 is one of my personal favorite dunks:

And finally, no dunk list is complete without this emasculation, courtesy of Kwame Alexander:

Pepperdine guard defies laws of physics


Pepperdine’s Keion Bell doesn’t care for Sir Isaac Newton. Gravity? Who needs it?

The guard stands just 6-foot-3, yet is known as one of college basketball high-flyers, capable of throwing down nasty dunks and jaw-dropping moves at any moment. (He also can play a little; Bell’s 18.5 points per game led the Waves last season.)

He dunked over five people at the school’s Midnight Madness event last year.

This year, he upped it to seven – and did it fairly cleanly (just a slight push off). There has to be a hidden trampoline, right?


I’m with the guys at Rush the Court. Next year Keion, try dunking over the entire student body. That’ll be a real challenge.  

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