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Avery Harriman, son of Nebraska assistant, joins team at press conference (VIDEO)

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Avery Harriman, the newly-Leukemia free son of Nebraska assistant coach Chris Harriman, joined Husker star Shavon Shields at the podium after the Huskers knocked off Illinois on Sunday night.

What a special moment:

Avery Harriman, son of Nebraska assistant Chris Harriman, has no evidence of Leukemia in final biopsy

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Some fantastic news on Saturday as Avery Harriman, the 7-year-old son of Nebraska assistant coach Chris Harriman, has no evidence of Leukemia following his final biopsy.

Avery’s diagnosis was first revealed on the “Avery’s Army” Facebook page — which is run by Cheryl and Chris Harriman — and later confirmed with NBCSports.com.

After a second bone marrow biopsy for Avery, it came back negative with no Leukemia. “Long road ahead but that’s HUGE news!” Chris Harriman texted to NBCSports.com‘s Rob Dauster.

Avery Harriman made national headlines as he battled Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia for the third time. Avery celebrated being able to leave the hospital in a video that went viral on Aug. 28 and received support within college basketball this season from Nebraska, Creighton, and Rhode Island among many others.

The nation showed even more support for Avery through the #AveryStrong campaign and #AveryStrong Day was held Sept. 26 to help raise money for Make-a-Wish Nebraska and Camp CoHoLo.

It’s tremendous news to hear that Avery is continuing to do better and we continue to wish him the best.

Son of Nebraska assistant, home after transplant, surprises sister (VIDEO)

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The last time we saw video of Avery Harriman, the son of Nebraska assistant coach Chris Harriman, he was melting hearts across the world as he was being surprised with the news that he would be able to return home for a couple days.

You see, Avery is currently fighting leukemia for the third time, and while the battle is far from over, it’s always good to celebrate small victories. This latest trip home comes after Avery’s second transplant, and instead of surprising Avery with the news, the Harrimans decided to surprise his sister.

Her reaction? Beautiful:

The battle isn’t done yet, as the only reason Avery was allowed to leave the hospital after a second transplant is that the Harrimans can give him an IV and shots and generally care for him as long as his health is stable.

“Long way to go but really happy where he’s at,” Chris told NBCSports.com this morning. “Normally in this situation probably wouldn’t allow [us to bring him home] but they trust us.”

“And, most importantly, he’s doing good!”

That’s great to hear. Our thoughts remain with the Harrimans.

Keep fighting, Avery.