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Throwback Thursday: Vince Carter’s top 50 UNC dunks

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Vince Carter might be the greatest in-game dunker of all-time, and that ability didn’t just happen to show up when he reached the NBA.

The dude was ridiculous in college as well. I mean, for starters, he had enough dunks in his three seasons in college to put together a top 50 list. That’s impressive, but not quite as impressive as some of the dunks in that top 50.

It starts out a bit slow, but things really get going around the two-minute mark. Imagine if VC played in the twitter-era. My timeline would be nothing but vines of his ridiculously athletic plays.

To get a true sense of just how scary athletic Vince was back then, watch the defenders in this vine:

Yeah, they want no part of that.

That’s what you call respect.

PHOTOS: Baylor’s new home uniforms are nice

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Baylor head coach Scott Drew revealed this week pictures of the new Nike home uniforms that the Bears will be playing in this season, which you can see above.

They’re pretty sleek, with the most notable difference being the electric yellow outline for the green lettering and numbering on the jersey. Here are a couple of other angles, my favorite being that Rico Gathers Sr. actually has “Gathers Sr.” written on the back of his uniform:

The Bears made the switch to Nike from Adidas last season.

VIDEO: Butler player can’t quite jump over teammate

Roosevelt Jones
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Butler forward Roosevelt Jones had a video go viral over the summer.

He took a selfie video of himself making an over-the-head shot from half court. It’s actually pretty cool, which is why he tried to do it again, this time taking a selfie video of what he hoped would be George Washington transfer Kethan Savage — a regular in our Posterized series — dunking over him.

It … did not go well: