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After missing tourney, Illinois State coach uses twitter to land non-conference game


Illinois State found themselves on the wrong side of the bubble on Selection Sunday.

It wasn’t much of a surprise, to be honest. The Redbirds had won just a single game against top 80 competition, and that came against in-league rival Wichita State.

That was never going to be enough to get them a bid, not when Wichita State was a No. 10 seed.

So head coach Dan Muller took to twitter to try and find a non-conference game:

And guess what … it worked!

I don’t know why these mid-majors coaches complain about not being able to get games.

Just tweet out a bitmoji and you’re good to go.

Seems pretty simple to me.

After trolling Greensboro, Syracuse draws UNC Greensboro in NIT

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Jim Boeheim and the City of Greensboro have an interesting relationship.

Boeheim is not a fan, and he hasn’t been quiet in voicing his opinion about the city.

“There’s no value to playing in Greensboro,” Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said after his team lost in the first round of the ACC tournament at the Barclays Center. “I’m saying this because I don’t give a s—. That’s what’s right.”

This led the city to troll Boeheim on twitter, a tweet that almost immediately went viral:

Well, it seems like the NIT has an even better sense of humor than the city of Greensboro does, because after the Orange were left out of the NCAA tournament, they were placed in the NIT and … given a home game against UNC Greensboro.

That’s too perfect.

The NIT Selection Committee chair Reggie Minton said on ESPN that the decision was not made with the feud in mind — “You guys are a lot smarter than we were,” Minton said. “We didn’t have that in our minds.” — but I think we all know that’s fake news.

Greensboro, too their credit, has made t-shirts to commemorate the game.

Woman says UMass basketball staff members intimidated her

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AMHERST, Mass. (AP) A woman is alleging in a lawsuit that University of Massachusetts basketball staff members intimidated her in an effort to keep her quiet about potentially damaging information about the team and staff.

Ayanna Hickman says Assistant Coach Lou Roe and two other staffers imprisoned her by preventing her from leaving a room where they spoke to her in 2013. She previously dated Roe.

The suit says Roe had told Hickman about the use of banned substances by team members, domestic violence by staff members and quashing of potential criminal complaints against unidentified team members.

The university confirmed to The Republican it’s aware of the allegations but declined to comment further.

Hickman’s attorney, Harry Miles, declined to comment Sunday.

Recently fired Coach Derek Kellogg also is named as a defendant.

CBT Podcast: Let’s fill out a bracket, shall we?

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Yup, we spent a little more than an hour talking about the NCAA tournament, filling out our own bracket and explaining while Mack Weldon is, ahem, so supportive.

I picked a lot of upsets. I was alone in picking upsets, it seems:

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This is pretty terrific, although I don’t think he actually portrayed me sitting courtside in lego form:

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