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Report: Pseudo-Bucky is roaming Madison, Wisconsin


Bucky the Badger is a common sight at Camp Randall Stadium these days, and soon enough we’ll be seeing him on the sidelines at the Kohl Center, rooting Bo Ryan’s troops on in their nearly decade-and-a-half streak of NCAA tournament appearances.

Where Bucky shouldn’t be, according to the Wisconsin State Journal, is hanging out at the state Capitol building in the early afternoon. Apparently, the Bucky that has showed up at political events, holding a sign that reads “Let Freedom Sing”, is not the real deal, and he’s not even a particularly effective cosplay imitator, at that.

From the State Journal’s report:

A person in a Bucky Badger imitation costume has made recent lunchtime visits to the Capitol for the Solidarity Singalong, but its “puffy features, odd coloring and sloppy sweater” give away that the Bucky is not the real deal, according to a UW-Madison press release.

UW-Madison is calling upon Wisconsinites to know their favorite badger.

“If you find yourself standing next to a fake Bucky, know that it is not a representative of UW-Madison,” the press release said. “Please do not treat it as you would the Buckingham you know and love.”

To add insult to injury, the ersatz badger is cutting into the legit action of a local business. The official Bucky costume is made by the Olympus Group of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The University is making moves to halt the sale of the unlicensed costumes.

Until then, remember this: you don’t need no stinking Badgers. Only the relatively odor-free, properly dressed Badgers will do. Bo knows the real thing when he sees it, and so should you.



Big South moving 2016 conference tournament

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The Big South is moving its 2016 men’s basketball tournament out of Coastal Carolina and a new site will be figured out by November. According to a release from the conference the Big South is using a league bylaw that stipulates that members leaving with less than two years of notice are not eligible to host championships. Coastal Carolina announced this summer that it would be leaving for the Sun Belt as of July 2016, so the Big South wants to find a new location that benefits teams staying in the league.

The Big South men’s and women’s conference tournaments are now also going to be split into two unique events, with the men’s championships being held Thursday-Sunday, March 3-6. The women’s event comes the next week from March 10-13. Bids for both events will come into the league and a new location will be selected in the next few months.

It will be interesting to see if the site of the conference tournament is moved to a campus site or placed at a neutral venue. That type of thing could alter how the NCAA tournament autobid gets played out. With Coastal Carolina coming off of back-to-back NCAA tournament appearances, this obviously changes their approach to the postseason now that they have to leave their city.

Virginia Tech could redshirt sophomore guard

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Virginia Tech is trying to decide what to do with injury sophomore guard Ahmed Hill, who had surgery this summer to deal with a tear in his patella tendon in his left knee.

The 6-foot-5 Hill has still not been released to work out with the team, but he is about a week to 10 days ahead of schedule in his rehab. But the injury is still nagging enough that Hill might not be healthy enough to really contritbute this season. Head coach Buzz Williams is deciding soon whether he wants to redshirt Hill or not.

Hill started a team-high 30 games for the Hokies last season, averaging 8.7 points and 3.7 rebounds per game.

“I don’t have a decision on (Hill),” Williams said to reporters on Monday. “I will make the final decision. I’ll let (him) and his mom be a part of it, but I want to make a decision using the wisdom of doing this for a long period of time. If you let a kid make the decision, they always want to play.

“Right now, I don’t feel comfortable that I would want to play him. It’s just too early to be able to have much more of an answer than that.”

It’s still a rebuilding year for Virginia Tech, but they do get Maryland transfer Seth Allen, who is a talented guard who can score. The Hokies were hoping to have Hill and Allen as complimentary perimeter scorers, but now the plans might have to be altered. Williams went on to say that he would like to make a decision on Hill’s status by Halloween.