A Kentucky fan dons a fake eye … with a UK logo?

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Nobody does prosthetics like Big Blue Nation does prosthetics.

I’m sure you guys all remember this story: a shrimp boat in Florida caught a prosthetic leg that was painted Kentucky colors. A photo of the leg made the rounds on the interwebs and, eventually, the owner of said leg was found and the prosthetic returned.

Crazy, right?

On Wednesday, a second story of a Kentucky fan showing his allegiance to his ‘Cats popped up with with fake body parts emblazoned with the UK logo popped up.

According to the fellas over at Kentucky Sports Radio, the picture below is of a young man named Nicholas Weber. Unfortunately, Weber lost his eye a year ago, but he recently got a glass eye to wear in its place. And that eye just so happens to have a UK logo where the, you know, eye parts are supposed to be.

That is just fantastic. I love it almost as much as I love the “will ya look at this crazy son-of-a-bee-sting” grin on his buddy’s face.

I think it’s safe to say that, as of this moment, Mr. Weber is the Preaseason No. 1 in the Crazy Fan Power Rankings.

(Photo credit: KSR)

Rob Dauster is the editor of the college basketball website Ballin’ is a Habit. You can find him on twitter @robdauster.

VIDEO Ron Hunter dances at Georgia State’s midnight madness

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Georgia State’s Ron Hunter appears to have recovered from the Achilles tendon tear he suffered last March celebrating the Panthers winning the Sun Belt Conference Tournament.

On Thursday night, at the third annual GSU Jam, Hunter broke out the dance moves to the song “Hit The Quan” by iHeart Memphis.

Georgia State went on to defeat No. 3 seed Baylor in the Round of 64, thanks to a game-winning three from Hunter’s son, R.J. That shot made for one of the best moments of March Madness, as Ron Hunter fell of his rolling chair in disbelief.

R.J. Hunter is nowa a rookie with the Boston Celtics. Ron Hunter enters his fifth season with the Panthers.


SMU won’t appeal tournament ban, Brown suspension

Associated Press
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Last month the NCAA announced that due to rules violations found in their investigation of the SMU men’s basketball program, the team would be banned from postseason play in 2015-16 and head coach Larry Brown would be suspended for the first nine games of the 2015-16 season. With a team led by seniors Nic Moore and Markus Kennedy and just one player (Keith Frazier) being the subject of the investigation, it was assumed that SMU would at the very least appeal the postseason ban.

Friday, the school announced that while it will appeal some of the penalties handed down by the NCAA to the men’s basketball and men’s golf programs they will not appeal the postseason ban or Brown’s suspension.

“After careful consideration, however, we will not appeal the NCAA post-season ban on men’s basketball or partial season suspension of Head Men’s Basketball Coach Larry Brown,” SMU president R. Gerald Turner stated in the release. “Although we regret the severe impact on our student-athletes, the simple fact is that the NCAA penalty structure mandates at minimum a one-year post-season ban for the level of misconduct that occurred, in our case, when a former staff member completed an online high school course for a prospective student-athlete, committing academic misconduct.

“In addition, should we appeal this matter, the lengthy process and uncertainty during this period could harm many aspects of the program. Coach Brown and his staff also agree that it is in the best interests of the program to accept these sanctions and move forward.”

Among the penalties the school will appeal (with regards to the basketball program) are the “duration of scholarship losses” and how long the recruiting restrictions placed on the program will last, and the vacating of games Frazier played in during the 2013-14 season.

This a tough turn of events for players who had nothing to do with the violations, as they see their opportunity to return to the NCAA tournament taken away. As a result of the school’s decision, SMU’s season will end March 9 following their regular season finale against Cincinnati.