Brian Gregory learns from Bo Ryan, will not restrict Glen Rice Jr. transfer


It looks like Brian Gregory may have seen the national outrage sparked by Bo Ryan’s transfer debacle at Wisconson, and has decided to steer clear of any possibility of it happening at his program at Georgia Tech.

As embattled forward Glen Rice Jr. prepares to leave the team and transfer, Gregory has now publicly said that he will not bar any schools from Rice’s list of possible destinations.

“Probably with UGA, it’s the in-state rivalry thing and so forth,” Gregory told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “But I will be honest with you, if it ever got to a situation where a kid really wanted to go to a specific school, I wouldn’t fight it … I wouldn’t fight it.”

Rice was dismissed from the team after multiple suspensions. His most recent trouble stemmed from his involvement in a shooting outside a nightclub in Atlanta, where he was charged with permitting unlawful operation, according to a report by The Associated Press.

Perhaps we are seeing the beginning of a trend.

After the outrage of Ryan’s decision to severely restrict the transfer options of Badger Jared Uthoff, NCAA coaches may be taking the hint that, because of all the other restrictions placed on student-athletes, public opinion has sided with players when it comes to transfer.

Gregory’s explanation has been one of the most logically grounded we have seen.

“That’s kind of our blanket policy,” Gregory told the AJC. “If any kid comes up to me and says ‘These are the schools’ and one is in the ACC, then I’ll explain the rule about ACC transfers and that usually eliminates the scenario immediately because no kid wants to sit out two years and lose a year of eligibility in the process.”

It’s almost refreshing.

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Nevada coach to honor his father, Flip Saunders with unique warmup routine

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Nevada will be honoring Flip Saunders and Bill Musselman with a pregame warm-up routine they’ve been practicing for the past couple of weeks.

Bill is the father of Eric Musselman, Nevada’s head coach. He was coaching the Minnesota Golden Gophers that included Flip as a player when they used this warmup routine in the 1970s.

“We start almost every practice with this pregame routine,” Eric Musselman said. “It takes some time to get it down and we will perform it live for the first time before the Portland State home game at Lawlor Events Center on Nov. 25.”

The routine, which Eric found in a diagram after his father passed away, is similar to something you’d see the Harlem Globetrotters do.

CBT PODCAST: Indiana, UCLA, Ben Simmons and Thanksgiving sides

Ben Simmons
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New podcast!

In today’s episode, we talk quite a bit about Ben Simmons. How good of a prospect is he? Why do people insist on calling him overrated? Does LSU actually have a shot at missing the NCAA tournament?

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We also talk about Indiana’s disappointing showing in Maui, just how good Vanderbilt and Kansas have looked, Marquette’s ability to bounce back and whether or not we should be concerned about North Carolina and Maryland.

Oh, and Thanksgiving sides.

Do people really call stuffing ‘dressing’?

As always, you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes right here.